About SHIELD® Security Systems

SHIELD Security's foundations go back over 30 years to 1979 when West Coast Security was established in Port Lincoln, South Australia - where we continue to service the local community to this day.

Always on the lookout for way's to improve our business and provide our customers with the best possible experience, we left no stone unturned and eventually found a company called SHIELD Security Systems in Buffalo, New York, USA.

On the other side of the world, SHIELD Security Systems was established in 1976 by police officer Ken Jezioro after his own home was burglarized and he was unable to find an affordable solution to protect his home. Drawing on his 27 years of experience as a police officer in the tough New York environment, Ken's journey has led him to develop the fastest growing electronic security franchise in the United States.

The extensive experience and innovative vision of SHIELD Security Systems in the US along with our own long history has all been incorporated into the unique SHIELD Security Systems approach. In July 2010, we officially joined the SHIELD Security family and West Coast Security became the first SHIELD Security Systems franchise operating outside of the US.

Being part of the SHIELD Security family provides our customers with all of the benefits of having an independent, locally owned and operated business in touch with its community and adds the strength and support of an international group.

To find out more about what SHIELD Security can do for you please contact our friendly staff!