Common Questions

Q. I have a question about operating my SHIELD® Security System.
A. Refer to the operations manual we supplied to you after we completed your installation. We are in the process of placing all of our manuals on this site for your review and download. If you can’t locate your owner's operation manual or have additional questions, please contact your local SHIELD® Security Systems Office on 1-300-4 SHIELD (1300 474 435).

Q. How can I test my SHIELD® Security System?
A. Follow the steps below:

  • Call 1300 4 SHIELD (1300 474 435) and ask to be connected to the central station.
  • Give the operator your name, address and false alarm (voice) code.
  • Ask the operator to put your system into test for 30 minutes.
  • Arm your system, open and close an entry door (to make the system think you have left the premises).
  • Wait the 30 second exit delay time for the system to completely arm.
  • Open the door - there will be approximately a 30 second entry delay before the system is tripped. The siren will begin sounding and will continue to sound throughout the test.
  • Walk around and trip every door, window and motion detector.
  • Turn off the system by entering your code. WAIT at least 5 minutes for the panel to send all the signals in and DO NOT MAKE ANY PHONE CALLS DURING THIS TIME, IT WILL ONLY DELAY THE PROCESS.
  • Call back and ask to be connected to the central station operator.
  • Give the operator your name, address and false alarm (voice) code.
  • Ask the operator to verify all of the signals that were received.
  • If after testing, you feel that any specific signal was not received, you can advise the operator to leave the system in test and repeat the process for that zone only.
  • If after testing you are satisfied that you system is working properly, ask the operator to take you system off test.

Q. How much does a SHIELD® Security System cost?
A. Because we custom design each installation, it is difficult to quote a price without first determining your needs. Our staff are happy to come out to your home or business to conduct a FREE, no obligation security assessment.

We have systems that fit every need and budget ranging from around $800 for a simple space detection system to a few thousand dollars for more elaborate perimeter protection systems.

Q. How long does it take to install a SHIELD® Security System?
A. Installation times vary based on the type of system you choose and the type of building we will be working on. Our experience however, is that most installations can be completed within a day.

Q. I already have a security system. How do I convert it to a SHIELD® Security System?
A. We can convert any existing system to a SHIELD® Security System. If your previous provider had not ‘data locked’ your communicator, there is no fee to convert your system. If they have, we may need to change the processor and will do so at cost or less when you sign a short monitoring agreement (24-36 months). Lean more by calling us at 1300 4 SHIELD (1300 4 74 435).